Sydney Harbour Explodes In Colour

Sunday, November 23rd, 2003

Foti adds sparks to Australia Idol and World Cup finales.

In the space of four days Sydney Harbour enhanced it’s reputation as one of the world’s best fireworks venues with dazzling fireworks display marking the finales of Australian Idol and the Rugby World Cup.

The pyro feast began on Wednesday (19th) with a spectacular finale for the top rating television show “Australian Idol”. With the announcement of the winner came a spectacular show by Foti on Sydney Harbour, incorporating three barges in the shadows of Sydney’s Opera House. The pyrotechnic component of the show also included Close Proximity Pyrotechnics used inside the Opera House as well as a 2-minute flutter drop.

The success of the nationally televised Australian Idol display was followed up by a trademark Sydney Harbour Bridge display marking the end of the Rugby World Cup and the handover of the event to France, who will be hosts in 2007. A ‘French Flag’ of red, white and blue erupted from the Sydney icon as two barges east and west of the bridge also exploded in the tri-colours.

Despite having to be set-up in two days of driving rain, the display went off without a hitch. “Our crews worked day and night to get the show set-up and ready. I’m really proud at how professionally they worked”, said Creative Director Fortunato Foti.

The display, part of the World Cup final television coverage, was seen by an estimated audience of 300 million world wide.