Sydney Draws The Eyes Of The World

Friday, January 2nd, 2004

“No words needed to say, Sydney’s still the best.”,
The Sydney Morning Herald, 01/01/04

Foti International Fireworks has once again helped Sydney maintain its position as New Year’s Eve capital of the world with a trademark spectacular firework display to mark the beginning of 2004.

This years fireworks performance took the bridge pyrotechnics to a new level with the vertical ‘hangers’ off Sydney Harbour Bridge being used in the display design for the first time in the display’s history.

“It was both creatively and operationally an exciting and challenging task for us and we’re proud of what was achieved.” said Creative Director Fortunato Foti.

The whole of the City’s New Year’s Eve ‘City of Light’ event was a great success, with the millions of Sydneysiders and international visitors also being treated to a dazzling light show on Sydney Harbour Bridge after the fireworks.

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