Sydney and Melbourne Sparkle On NYE ’05

Sunday, January 2nd, 2005

Foti International Fireworks has delievered the most technologically advanced series of fireworks displays Australia has seen with digitally choreographed pyromusical spectaculars staged in Sydney and Melbourne

“We had the challenge of delivering Australia’s two largest New Year’s Eve fireworks displays, Sydney and Melbourne, digitally”, said Foti Creative Director Fortunato Foti.

“Both were simulcast live on radio and television and we are proud of the success of the displays.”

The Sydney Harbour Bridge display alone had 57 firing locations and saw the use of state-of-the-art wireless technology. Melbourne’s Yarra River and Docklands display included 20 firing points making it Melbourne’s largest New Year’s Eve fireworks display ever.

The displays also saw the Australian launch of Foti’s new “ICON” brand of fireworks, tailor-made for the events.

“Whilst we had to develop fireworks that catererd for the large arena of Sydney Harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge, we also had to develop new and precision effects for the intimate location of Melbourne’s Yarra River”, said Fortunato.

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve ’05
Producer, Creative Director and Midnight Display Designer: Fortunato Foti
9pm Display Designer: Tino Pangallo
Production Managers: Tino Pangallo, Tino Foti

Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve ’05
Creative Director and Midnight Display Designer: Fortunato Foti
9.30pm Display Designer: Tino Pangallo
Producer: Vince Foti
Production Manager: Tim Gray