City of Hearts- Sydney NYE 2005

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

“…the most spectacular pyrotechnical display the city has ever seen…”
The Sydney Morning Herald, January 01, 2006.

Heart-shape fireworks launched from Sydney Harbour and it’s famous bridge introduced the 1 million Sydney-siders on and around the harbour to 2006. With millions more watching on television in Australia and around the world, Foti International Fireworks was proud to have produced a fireworks display that was universally acclaimed as Sydney’s “most spectacular”.

“As the world’s first major fireworks display for the New Year, we feel a responsibility to Sydney to continually present something new and different,” said Creative Director, Forch Foti.

“We are genuinely pleased to receive emails and feedback from the general public telling us how much they enjoyed the display colours and effects. As pyrotechnicians this is the ulitmate compliment.”

Foti would like to thank their crew for their dedication and professionalism in producing the show, as well as thanking the City of Sydney Production and Creative team for their support. For the past six years Foti have enjoyed a strong working relationship with the City of Sydney in producing the show.