Countdown to Sydney NYE 2007

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Above: Vince (left) and Forch Foti discussing preparationsFor the eleventh consecutive New Year’s Eve Foti International Fireworks will present fireworks for the world’s most watched New Year’s Eve display.

In ideal summer conditions set-up and preparations for Sydney’s New Year’s Eve are almost complete. This year’s display will be bigger than ever, with the midnight display consisting of 6 barges, 8 city rooftops, 10 pontoons, as well as over 100 firing points on the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. More than 100 ton of equipment is used to produce the spectacular.

The Foti production crew have had a busy 2007 with major displays for Canberra Sky Fire, Brisbane’s RiverFire, APEC, Australian Idol, and the hugely successful Turkish National Day spectacular in Istanbul.

The theme for this year’s display is “The Time Of Our Lives”. To find out why the Foti production crew are having the time of their lives, click here.