Sydney Ushers in 2008

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Sydney (with the help of Foti) ushers in the New YearExcerpt from The Daily Telegraph editorial,
Sydney, 01 January 2008

“Sydney takes its fun seriously. This is a feature, not a flaw.

It is a matter of annual wonder that so many are prepared to endure unavoidable traffic and public transport difficulties for the sheer joy of experiencing the New Year’s Eve festivities in the company of their fellow citizens.

We do it because it is worth it.

And the rest of the world is reminded of our city’s special qualities every year, as Sydney explodes in showers of light on television screens worldwide in advance of lesser displays in other major cities. We are the first and the finest.

Talk about taking our fun seriously – consider the technical application evident in the timing and detonation of those perfectly co-ordinated pyrotechnics.

It’s a brilliant metaphor for the creative energy unleashed every day, every year throughout this remarkable town.”

For the full editorial go to this link on The Daily Telegraph online.

Click here to see pictures of the display.