Brisbane Turned On By Riverfire Spectacular

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

RiverFire08 Photo:: Daniel ShoebridgeCHEERS, gasps and screams of excitement filled the air as Brisbane’s spectacular Riverfire lit up the sky in one of the best displays to date”

The Courier Mail. Anooska Tucker-Evans. August 31, 2008

It’s been called the greatest ever Pyrotechnics Show seen in Brisbane as Foti International Fireworks produced a grand spectacle of colour and excitement for QBE Riverfire 2008. The show which was simulcast on Triple M 104.5 Brisbane and Channel 7 was fired from 18 locations comprising 6 barges stretching from Storey Bridge to Victoria Bridge plus 9 City Rooftops and 3 bridges including Brisbane’s famous Storey Bridge.

Designed by award winning pyrotechnics choreographer Fortunato Foti, the powerful and emotional pyrotechnics show was synchronized to a 25 minute soundtrack that fused contemporary, modern and classical music. The show was also complimented by an F111 Dump and Burn at the beginning and just before the grand finale of the show.

The multi-location city-wide show is one of the most logistically challenging shows in Australia. Proper preparation and professionalism were the key to production success, and the 30-strong crew of pyrotechnicians led by Project Manager Tim Gray ensured the production ran like clockwork. 

The best accolades, however, are the ones the general public. Foti received a letter from audience member Daniel Shoebridge and Riverfire fireworks lover who said:

Dear Foti Fireworks Team,

My name is Daniel Shoebridge and I had the pleasure of attending the Riverfire spectacular in Brisbane last Saturday night.

My family and I have a long history of attending the Riverfire event and it has become our absolute favourite event in Brisbane. This is my 8th year of attending the show, and every year is bigger and better than the previous.

I found this years show to be the best I have seen. The colours were so bright and vivid, the high aerial effects such as the intertwined hearts were spectacular and the use of the city infrastructure, buildings and bridges was so compelling and inspiring. It is so nice to see these elements of our River City used in this way – the polar opposite of every other day of the year. What a brilliant way to honour the River!

The finale after the second F-111 pass was so intense, that I have lost my voice from shouting and cheering as loudly as I did!

I am an amateur photographer, and I had an opportunity to take some shots that I am proud of, from my vantage point on the 10th floor of the Rydges Hotel at Southbank. Please find enclosed some of my favourites taken on the night. Your work continues to vindicate my passion and love of Brisbane. My family and I would like to take this opportunity to offer you our sincerest thanks for all your hard work in making this a memorable event. I am convinced that the memories will last a long time after Riverfestival 2008 is finished! I look forward to the 2009 event now with so much passion and enthusiasm!

Warmest Regards from my family to yours,

Daniel Shoebridge