Istanbul Blaze of Glory

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

“Thousands of Istanbulites commemorated the Turkish Republic’s foundation in a blaze of glory”

Today’s Zaman.Fireworks by Foti linking Europe with Asia

For the second consecutive year Foti have wowed the nation of Turkey during annual National Day Celebrations in Istanbul with a massive fireworks spectacular performed on the historic Bosphorous strait.

Telecast live throughout the country and internationally, the display was kicked off by Mayor Kadir Topbas and Gen. Ergin Saygun, deputy chief of general staff. “We want to be heard from Istanbul throughout the world with our excitement and unity on this day with these celebrations”, said Mayor Kadir Topbas.

The display launching sites included eight barge locations along the famous transcontinental waterway, the Bosphoruous Bridge as well as pontoons traversing the Bosphorous.

Foti’s all Australian crew were tested during the show set-up as torrential rain fell on Istanbul during a three day period. Despite this challenge Australia’s most experience major event fireworks crew ensured the show was a complete success.