2011 Sydney NYE Planning in Full Swing

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Foti International Fireworks is proud to be designing and producing the fireworks for this year’s 2011 Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks. The development of new pyrotechnic effects for the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as new designs for the barge displays are already well underway.

“We are finalising the development and testing of some new effects that we have been working on since the 1st January”, said Sam Foti, family patriarch and head of product development. “We still get anxious yet excited at this time year as we try to envisage how we can improve on the last show we performed and incorporate something new.”

The creative development of the fireworks show is a team effort, with Foti Creative Director Fortunato Foti bringing together these elements to design and script the final show. “For us the creative process is quite fluid. Most of the ideas are discussed around the dinner table or whilst having a coffee, although many of the ideas come to us at random times. There are many a late-night phone call between us”, said Fortunato. “However the final display design needs to combine these creative concepts and the creative themes for the event as a whole with the elements essential for a safe and smooth production”.

The city-wide celebration takes place annually on Sydney Harbour. This great stage is only made possible by the work of the producers of the event, the City of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Production team. The creative theme for the 2011 event as a whole as well as the bridge lighting effect design will be supplied by communications agency Imagination Australia with acclaimed designer Marc Newson joining their creative team.