Spanish Colour Treat by Foti

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

The Catalan city of Tarragona on Spain’s Mediterranean coast was the setting of Foti’s latest international spectacular. Last night’s 17 minute non-musical show was complimented on the variety and quality of the colours and effects. “We aimed to show the full spectrum of colours and we’re pleased that the feedback we received from the public, media and fellow Spanish firework companies reflected this”, reports Project Manager Tino Foti.

The display was part of the city’s week long festival and competition of fireworks displays which also included Spanish and Italian firework companies whose traditional Mediterranean-style designs are big on huge quantities of loud heavy artillery salutes and spectacular multi-break shells.

“Because we are limited by regulation on the type of product we can ship into Spain we planned a different style of display which focused on colour and the quality of the product”, said Tino. “Judging by the applause of the 30,000+ people who watched the display along Tarragona’s Miracle Beach and surrounding areas we achieved our goal of delivering a diverse yet spectacular show that was very much appreciated.”


Above: Front page of Tarragona’s local newspaper headlines “Lluvia de colores australianos..” (Rain of Australian Colour)

Below: The second century Roman Ampitheatre overlooks Miracle Beach and provides a perfect view to the point ‘Fortine de la Reina’ firework display firing site