From Brisbane to Istanbul – A month to remember

Monday, October 29th, 2012


Foti have capped off a memorable month by staging Turkey’s National Day Fireworks on the historic waters of the Bosphorous in Istanbul on October 29th. In the world’s only fireworks show to simultaneously traverse two continents, Foti presented a display that included eight barges, eight pyro boats and the famous Bosphorous Bridge that links Europe with Asia.

The display included a 640 meter waterfall as well as specially crafted crescent moon and star-shaped shells to created a scene symbolising the Turkish flag. Foti were also pleased to have the team from GFA Canada who worked with the Foti crew as part of their Discovery Channel show ‘Pyros’.

The month began with the successful staging of one of Australia’s biggest pyro shows, the Brisbane Riverfire on September 29th. The city wide display included barges, bridges and city rooftops and is considered one of the world’s most technically challenging shows to produce. See for images of this display.

October was also notable for the US launch of Foti’s Australian made E-match. The second stage of the US launch was at the American Pyrotechnic Association Annual Conference held in Louisville Kentucky between October 2nd and 6th. Foti have commenced distribution of their new innovative e-match in the USA since recently receiving official US government authorisation the import the devices.

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