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Custom-Made Effects

Foti manufacture and build specialised pyrotechnic effects for all manner of application, including television, movies, theme parks and customised effects according to production design and thematic requirements. Bespoke non-pyrotechnic special effects sets are also build according to customer requirements.

  • Photo: Rich Tyler

  • Foti Fireworks Mortars

    Photo: Rich Tyler

  • Master Pyrotechnician Sam Foti

  • Foti Fireworks Tourism NSW

    'Hexagon Wheels' at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tourism NSW event, Sydney- Photo: Rich Tyler

  • Photo: Rich Tyler

  • Custom built mountings and pyro for Jetskis used on Sydney Harbour for NYE 2011-12- Photo: Carl Banasiak

  • Battle simulation for Salute to Veterans Festivities 2005, Canberra- Photo: Finlay Garside

  • "Thorny Devils" from NYE 2002 combined pyro with custom built structures, props and lighting.